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We are here to help writers achieve their publishing goals for becoming self published author in India. Explore each section of this page for more information on self publishing your next book with Evincepub Publishing. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to Contact Us, so that we may personally respond to your queries or start the process of self publishing book that you have written. Evincepub Publishing provides best self publishing services with best possible experience while self publishing book. That is why we offer one of the most comprehensive and affordable print on demand self publishing services in India. We also realize you may be overwhelmed by your choices as you do comparison of book publishers so we've listed the basic publishing services as welll as Book Marketing and Author Branding services also. Please do Register Yourself Here to get the best publishing assistance and help on self book publishing.

Cover Designing

"A Book can not be judged by its cover!" No, this is not always right, rather we say "First impression is the Last impression!"

A good cover designing is the most essential part of self publishing books. Let's face it. We all judge a book by its cover. Color, typeface, images and layout all combines to give us an impression of what a book is about. And we decide if we like it – in 10 seconds. That's all the time you have to grab a reader’s attention. And if you fail – they're gone – on to the next book. You lose a buyer. So it pays to get your cover right. Self Publishing in India with Evincepub Publishing will provide a professional and attractive cover design support in every package.

Premium Cover Designing

In premium cover designing, our designers will observe the theme of the book and after that we will suggest you best suitable cover for the book. You can also choose images from standard templates, stock photos and suggest is suitable font and styling. You can also provide your own stock photo or clicked images to be used as the cover of the book. Please note that such images should be copyrighted free. We also provide modification rounds on cover design also so that you will be gettig the most satisfactory results.

Premium Cover Designing Service is included in: Starter | Professional | Premium | Ultimate Packages.

Advanced Cover Designing

Of your genre, the plot of your book and the tone of your writing, we speak to you to get as much detail as possible, so your new book design matches your story perfectly. You spent countless hours crafting the words inside your manuscript. We want to do it justice by crafting an equally beautiful book cover, one that truly reflects the quality of your writing. Advanced cover will be designed completely as per your requirement and suggestions. You can discuss with your designer and can give the basic idea then all the things will be done at our end.

Advanced Cover Designing Service is included in: Professional | Premium | Ultimate Packages.

To know more about the packages and available services, you can review our Self Publishing Packages and can Register Yourself for Self Publsihing by providing the sample pages.