Self Publishing books in India

We are here to help writers achieve their publishing goals for becoming self published author in India. Explore each section of this page for more information on self publishing your next book with Evincepub Publishing. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to Contact for Self Publishing, so that we may personally respond to your queries or start the process of self publishing book that you have written. Evincepub Publishing provides best self publishing services with best possible experience while self publishing book. We offer one of the most comprehensive and affordable print on demand self publishing services in India. We also realize you may be overwhelmed by your choices as you do comparison of book publishers so we've listed the basic publishing services as welll as Book Marketing and Author Branding services also. Please do Register Yourself for Self Publishing Here to get the best publishing assistance and help.

Author Branding and Marketing Services

Writing the success stories of authors, we are the only self publishing company is India, focusing not just only releasing the title but we work for establishing an author as a brand. We do campaign to bring your creativity in front of the largest section of the readers all over the world. We help you achieve the author reputation you actually deserve. For authors, publicity has become the most crucial factor in their literature success. With hundreds of books being published each week, you need a publicist to make your book stand out from the queue. Evincepub Publishing has helped hundreds of authors build their brand. A PR campaign with Book Publicity Services will generate more reviews for your book and improve your online presence and sales significantly, as well as increase your readership. You can compare our Self Publishing Packages to get details of availability of services in different plans of self publishing.

Author Interviews

We have decided to directly talk with authors acting as readers so that your readers accross the globe will come to know about you and your book what they actually want to know. Writing books always gives happiness, reading them is even more touching and talking with authors is at par. You are always welcomed to be interviewed by our book review experts.

After reading the complete book our team will ask you about 10-12 questions relared to the theme and story of the book and those questions incorporated by your relavent answeres will be posted on our partnered website. Apart from the releasing of interview article, the interview will also be released on social media platforms as well.

Charges for Author Interviews Service is: Rs.5,000 | It is included in: Ultimate Packkage

Book Reviews

Our goal is to secure as many reviews as possible for your title. Over the years, we have compiled an extensive database of book reviewers of different genres worldwide. We will take your book to experinced reviewers that cover your genre. Evincepub Publishingdoes this job for emering self published authors in India. We will get the reviews written for our author’s book on various mainstream and relevant websites with great readerships. The book reviews will be posted on different online platforms we own as well as we will be providing the genune Amazon and Goodreads Reviews as Well.

The best part of getting the reviews and releasing it online is, all the reviews will ensure first page entry on google whenever your book title or your name will be searched on any search engin like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Charges for Book Reviews Services is: Rs.5,000 | It is included in: Ultimate Packkage

Online PR (Press Release)

A book press release distribution is a vital component to any book publicity campaign. Without publicizing your book to reporters and readers, you don't have much chance of selling the book that you spent so much time (and money) creating and publishing. We will be sending a copy of your book to all the leading online media channels and after finalizing the complete article will be released online.

Charges for Press Release Services is: Rs.15,000 | It is included in: Ultimate Packkage

Author Website

Having an author website for every author is must. It is the platform through which your readers may know about yourself and about your book also. We provide one year of free hosting and domain along with service of author webiste designing. The service of SEO (Search Engin Otimization) is included in author website. Along with Book Promotion Services, you also need to focus on Author Branding and building an author profile of yourself.

Our web development team will work on your website such that it will be top results on google and other search engins. You can update your website anytime by just creating a support ticket without any additional cost.

Charges for Author Website is: Rs.4,000 | It is freely included in: Professional | Premium | Ultimate Packages


Posters/ Visiting Cards

A customized set of Book Posters and Author Visiting Cards will be designed to you and this will be shipped directly to your address. This set of stuffs are very useful for the promotion of the book.

Charges for Posters/ Visiting Cards is: Rs.1,000 | It is included in: Starter | Professional | Premium | Ultimate Packages

To know more about the packages and available services, you can review our Self Publishing Packages and can Register Yourself for Self Publsihing by providing the sample pages.

Author Feature

We will create a profile of yours in our partnered site and the information will be displayed there. This helps to increase your ranking in Google Search results when your name will be searched.

Charges for Author Feature Per Platform is: Rs.1,000 | It is included in: Starter | Professional | Premium | Ultimate Packages

Sample: Author Sajal Jain Featured on Knack Ardour.