Book Promotion Services in India

We are here to help writers achieve their publishing goals for becoming self published author in India. Explore each section of this page for more information on self publishing your next book with Evincepub Publishing. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to Contact Us, so that we may personally respond to your queries or start the process of self publishing book that you have written. Evincepub Publishing provides best self publishing services with best possible experience while self publishing book. That is why we offer one of the most comprehensive and affordable print on demand self publishing services in India. We also realize you may be overwhelmed by your choices as you do comparison of book publishers so we've listed the basic publishing services as welll as Book Marketing and Author Branding services also. Please do Register Yourself Here to get the best publishing assitance and help on self book publishing.

Book Marketing and Promotion Services

Just because you wrote it, doesn't mean they will read it. You have to get the word out and we have teamed up with the self publishing industry's top book marketing strategies to give you an exceptional package of all the necessary tools you need to get the word out about your book and build a loyal readership base for the book.

Social Media Promotion

Deciding to for social media promotion is one of the smartest investments an author can make. We will be creating social media profiles for you in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. We will be also managing the page social media pages for a month by making posts there and thereafter we will be sharing the credentials so that you can also manage the page. Social media helps self published authors to directly connect with their target audience.

Charges for Social Media Promotion Services is: Rs.3,000 | It is included in: Starter | Professional | Premium | Ultimate Packages.

Google Ad Campaign

Whether you're looking to attract new reades, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Google AdWords can help. You can reach relevant readers on relevant book selling page across the web. We will be setting up the google ads for the title and whenever your book name or the theme of the book is searched; your book will be on top results in Google. You can customize the daily invest on google ads since it charges for per click on your sellig page. When we set up the Google Ad Campaign, it will be for a month and then you can manage the adwords by making small daily invest.

Charges for Google Ad Campaign Services is: Rs.1,500 | It is included in: Premium | Ultimate Packages.

Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook is the biggest platforms for authors to promote their book. Facebook Ad Campaign will display the Ad of your facebook page everywhere so that your target auidence will keep on connectig on that page. We will run the Fb Ad by boosting the posts and creating search keywords for your facebook page. The process of running a Facebook page is same as that of Google Ad Campaign.

Charges for Google Ad Campaign Services is: Rs.1,500 | It is included in: Premium | Ultimate Packages.

Video Trailer Launch

YouTube and Vimeo are the biggest platforms for videos and trailers. We will be creating a video teaser based on the theme of the book and it will be released on these sites. Apart from it, the video will be shared in social media as well. Video developers will read the blurb of the book and will discuss with you regarding the trailer before starting the process. The Trailer will reflect the theme of the book with 100% clarity and perfection since we are having professional video developer team.

Charges for Video Trailer Launc is: Rs.5,000 | It is freely included in: Premium | Ultimate Packages.

The charges of trailer may increase depending upon the inputs provided and its complexity.

Posters/ Visiting Cards

A customized set of Book Posters and Author Visiting Cards will be designed to you and this will be shipped directly to your address. This set of stuffs are very useful for the promotion of the book.

Charges for Posters/ Visiting Cards is: Rs.1,000 | It is included in: Starter | Professional | Premium | Ultimate Packages.

To know more about the packages and available services, you can review our Self Publishing Packages and can Register Yourself for Self Publsihing by providing the sample pages.