Self Book Publishing

We are here to help writers achieve their publishing goals for becoming self published author in India. Explore each section of this page for more information on self publishing your next book with Evincepub Publishing. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to Contact Us, so that we may personally respond to your queries or start the process of self publishing book that you have written. Evincepub Publishing provides best self publishing services with best possible experience while self publishing book. That is why we offer one of the most comprehensive and affordable print on demand self publishing services in India. We also realize you may be overwhelmed by your choices as you do comparison of book publishers so we've listed the basic publishing services as welll as Book Marketing and Author Branding services also. Please do Register Yourself Here to get the best publishing assistance and help on self book publishing.

Editing and Proofreading Services

"You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what's burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke." - Arthur Plotnik

Improve the chances of having your story accepted by readers worldwide with our Language Editing and Proofreading Services. Don't let poor language skills come in the way of getting published in high-impact-factor book. Get your manuscript edited by experienced English editors who specialize in the area of theme of the book.

Copy Editing and Proofreading

The Copy Editing and Proofreading includes a single-pass read for spelling, grammars, punctuations, inappropriate length of the sentences and jargons, typos and other simple mistakes. We recommend this edit only for authors who are at the final stages of manuscript preparation and want to make sure it's perfect. It is the best way to insure that your manuscript is being published without having any error. Our editors understand that the value of a document depends on its ability to attract the reader and to convey the intended message you actually want. They also provide comments regarding extensive changes which we do and that are either made or suggested.

Charges for Basic Copy Services is: Rs.0.20 Per Word | It is freely included in: Professional (Upto 20,000 Words) | Premium (Upto 40,000 Words)| Ultimate (Upto 50,000 Words)

Comprehensive Editing and Proofreading

We have created our Comprehensive Edit to deliver the most thorough, developmental, in-depth editing available. Based on the same editorial process used at traditional publishers, the Comprehensive Editing and Proofreading offers multiple rounds of editing and close collaboration with your editor. Along with basic editing include paragraph-level comments regarding transitions, content flow and basic fact-checking. These comments represent a running dialogue between your editor and your book. Afterward, your editor will also write an editorial letter discussing larger issues in your book (if any), including plotting, pacing, characterization, and the overall success of your story. Our editor uses his/her experience and knowledge to ensure that the document makes sense, and the story of book is acceptable and more understandable.

Charges for Comprehensive Editing and Proofreading is: Rs.0.40 Per Word

To know more about the packages and available services, you can review our Self Publishing Packages and can Register Yourself for Self Publsihing by providing the sample pages.