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Journey With Time Place And Circumstances

Author: S.S. Gaur, Neel Preet

ISBN-13: 9789387905542

Available Type: Paperback/ eBook

Genre: Non-fiction

Product Dimension: 5"x8"

Pages: 85

Price Book: Rs.145 + 60 Shipping (Delivery Time 7-9 Working Days)

Price eBook: Rs.95


"JOURNEY With TIME PLACE And CIRCUMSTANCES," is a Self-Help Book which is based on the Philosophies of Common Lifetime Experiences and aims to enlighten us with the primary aspects of life like TIME, PLACE and CIRCUMSTANCES on which the "Human Journey" depends! The Author intends to edify the need of inculcating Knowledge and Skills to the Youths of today's world so that they learn the DOs and DON’Ts of the life without committing the common mistakes and for them to understand about the RIGHTS and WRONGS, well in advance. Moreover, it's extremely significant for every being to take only those steps, which are beneficial for our Growth and Progress! The book, JOURNEY With TIME PLACE And CIRCUMSTANCES, is written with the object of providing benefits to the youths with the understanding of the life, which depends on TPC (Time, Place, Circumstances). The Author of the book, believes that anyone who does hard work with knowledge and honesty will definitely realize their dreams. Nothing can stop them!

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