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Reconciliation-Rhythms From The Twenty First Century

Author: Rahul Kanungo

ISBN-13: 9789387905580

Available Type: Paperback/ eBook

Genre: Poetry

Product Dimension: 5"x8"

Pages: 161

Price Book: Rs.250 Rs.150 + 60 Shipping (Delivery Time 7-9 Working Days)

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Price eBook: Rs.90


This, being the author's first book, is a sequence of poems that narrates a story hidden behind it's enthralling and rhythmic nature. In this world of social media dominion, as minds transition to a new level of maturity, the state of mind of a youth in terms of emotions, will, desires and wild imagination goes through a lot. And to make way through all that, and to reach a steady state of mind requires a lot of experiences, which could seem brainstorming enough to handle. But at the end of it all, he learns to 'let go' and make friendly relations with his past. He learns to find peace, through 'reconciliation' as he decides to aim higher and keep climbing the hill in spite of all odds, and depicts his story through poems interspersed with brief explanations. Encased with a plethora of emotions, the author hopes to keep his readers engrossed in his work to the very last word.

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