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Fearless Anger & The Day of Sacrifice

Author: Hemant Herdeniyan

ISBN-13: 9789387905870

Available Type: Paperback/ eBook

Genre: Fiction/ Drama

Product Dimension: 5"x8"

Pages: 105

Price Book: Rs.149 + 60 Shipping (Delivery Time 7-9 Working Days)

Price eBook: Rs.75


In this drama, there is a clash between two clans called Pandav and Kaurav. Both clans had same forefathers, but clash took place between them for reasons. All the clash was pre-planned to take revenge. This drama is specially written to give homage to a warrior called Abhimanyu. Title 'Fearless Anger' is also a tribute to Abhimanyu and his name too, where, Fearless refers to 'Abhi' and Anger refers to ‘Manyu'. ‘Fearless Anger' refers to Abhimanyu. After reading this drama completely a reader will be surrounded by some questions and mysteries. All the mysteries will be revealed in the second part of ‘Fearless Anger & The Day of Sacrifice' as 'Fearless Anger & The Days of Revenge'.
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